Technical Documents


The work described within details a complete program for manholes. This section details the methods, procedures, materials and equipment as required to produce “A Total System for Manholes”.   Manhole Specs

Pump Stations, Wet Wells, Treatment Plants

The work described within details a complete program for wet wells, treatment plants or other large wastewater structures. This section details the methods, procedures, materials and equipment as required to produce “A Total System for Large Wastewater Structures”.  Pump Station Specs

CIGMAT Report – University of Houston

The objective of this study was to evaluate the CCI Spectrum, Inc. coating material SPECTRASHIELD LINER SYSTEM for various dry (new construction) and wet (rehabilitation) projects in the City of Houston. Specific objectives were as follows: (a) to evaluate the applications and performance of coating on a concrete surface under hydrostatic pressure of 15psi (32 ft of water); (b) to evaluate the acid resistance of the coated concrete and clay bricks with and without holidays; and (c) to determine the bonding strength of the coating material to concrete and clay bricks over a period of time.  CIGMAT Report


U.S. Patent 5,618,616 was issued for SpectraShield in 1997 based on the systematic layering of polymer resins which impart structural strength due to its “Stress Skin Panel” effect. In addition, the multi-layers eliminate groundwater intrusion, restore a structure’s profile and provide a light reflecting, impervious barrier to environmental penetration. The installation is done by way of trenchless application (CIP) therefore causing minimal disruption to the surrounding environment. A seven foot deep manhole can be lined in less than one hour.  Spectrashield Brochure

Manning the Manholes
originally published in Trenchless Technology, Nov. 2004

When JEA set out to rehabilitate 300 miles of deteriorated sewer pipeline using pipe bursting and other trenchless methods, a second aspect of its service area was also addressed. As poor as the sewer lines were, the manholes weren’t in much better shape.  ManningtheManholesArticle
Continuing Education for Manhole Rehabilitation
originally published in Trenchless Technology, Oct. 2004

Wastewater collection systems contain more than 20 million manholes. Of this total, 4 million are 50 years old or older and another 5 million are 30 to 50 years old. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that approximately 50 percent of the oldest and 30 percent of the 30 to 50 year old manholes (approximately 3.5 million combined) are suffering from serious structural decay and are in need of immediate replacement or rehabilitation

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.  ManholeRehabArticle

Jacksonville Manholes Help to Seal the Deal
originally published in Trenchless Technology, Sep. 2003

JEA in Jacksonville is using the SpectraShield process to reline the some 6,000 manholes as part of its sewer rehabilitation program. JEA contracted with Concrete Conservation Inc., a licensed installer of the SpectraShield process, to handle the high-volume work.  JacksonvilleManholeArticle