Is Our Product Structural?

One criticism our competitors bring up is that our solution is not structural, while their product is.  While we do not specifically tout our solution as being structural, we would like you to look at the following demo that was put on by SpectraShield at their FL office

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Above you will notice a 12″ tall and 48″ diameter sample of our solution being held up one-handed by Stacy from SpectraShield without effort.  Let us see you try that with a product made of Shotcrete.  If you could lift it, it would be so brittle that it would end up a pile of rubble on the ground.  Our Stress-Skin, three-layer product is flexible enough to be flexed without shattering, but strong enough to withstand the test we are about to subject it to.

Here you see our testing platform with our sample placed on it.  The lower part of it is simply a 3/4″ sheet of plate steel placed on some timbers to elevate it above the ground.  What is about to be placed on it is another sheet of 3/4″ plate steel with a customer fixture attached to a……

…….2007 Ford F-350 Quad-Cab pickup truck with a PowerStroke Diesel and a 100-gallon tank of diesel fuel in the bed.  That is approximately 8,000 lbs being held up by our product that was being held in the air a short while ago by Stacy!  Our competitors say that our product is not structural, but you be the judge.  If a ~1″ thick, 12″ tall, 48″ diameter sample of our product can hold up ~8,000 lbs without so much as a creak will it add structural strength to your manholes?