CCI Spectrum, Inc. (manufacturer) and SpectraTech, Inc

(applicator) warrant the SPECTRASHIELD manhole liner against failure for a period of 10 years.  “Failure” will be deemed to have occurred if the protective lining fails to (a) prevent the internal deterioration or corrosion of the structure (b) protect the substrate and environment  from contamination by effluent or (c) prevent groundwater infiltration.  If any such failure occurs within 10 years of initial completion of work on a structure, the damage will be repaired to restore the lining at no cost to the Owner within 60 days after written notification of failure.  “Failure” does not include damage resulting from mechanical or chemical abuse or act of God.  Mechanical or chemical abuse means exposing the lined surfaces of the structure to any mechanical force or chemical substance not customarily present or used in connection with structures of the type involved.  There are no warranties expressed or implied other than those specifically stated in this section 1.04.  Any liability for consequential and incidental damages is expressly disclaimed.  Liability is limited to and shall not exceed the purchase price paid.