Introduced in 1993, SpectraShield has been installed in thousands of waste water structures around the United States
Each installation includes a 10-year warranty.

U.S. Patent 5,618,616 was issued for SpectraShield in 1997 based on the systematic layering of polymer resins which impart structural strength due to its “Stress Skin Panel” effect. In addition, the multi-layers eliminate groundwater intrusion, restore a structure’s profile and provide a light reflecting, impervious barrier to environmental penetration. The installation is done by way of trenchless application (CIP) therefore causing minimal disruption to the surrounding environment. A seven foot deep manhole can be lined in less than one hour.

SpectraShield is engineered to be cost competitive with leading lining systems and is a 100% solids system eliminating VOC compliance issues. Whether a manhole, wet well or treatment plant, SpectraShield is the liner system for you.

SpectraShield Installation History 1993-2010

23,902 Manholes
1,197 Other Wastewater Structures
3,096,008 Square Feet